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"Elissa Simmons has been a professional photographer based in Southern California for more than 13 years. She is an award winning photographer with publications in the Orange County Bridal Magazine and the 2011 National American Wedding Group award winner for Photographer of the Year."

With a style that is fresh and contemporary and an eye that captures every detail, she feeds an intuitive creativity that encompasses your entire wedding experience... and wraps it up in a beautiful photojournalistic package.

Ovation Photography & Design was founded with the intent to provide its clients with fantastic photography and seamless service throughout.

About Elissa, our founding photographer

Elissa Simmons is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Southern California. She has travelled the nation photographing weddings for her discerning clients.

Her expressive imagery, authentic style and warm personality have made her a leader in the photographic community and a rising star among competitive professionals.

My Style

"As a photographer, I write my clients stories through images. Stories of new beginnings, and individuals choosing to trust. The best pictures happen when people are wrapped up in the moment, intoxicated by the experience, trusting and completely unaware of the camera. At that moment, inhibition and pretense disappear to reveal what is honest in all of us...and basic human nature shines through.

I encourage this transformation by taking the time necessary to foster real connections with my clients. At each wedding, it is my goal to be an unobtrusive storyteller, documenting the tender and dramatic moments of their day. I am particularly motivated by a desire to portray the unique bond that makes my clients radiant on their wedding day. I feel the world could use a lot more images of real, beautiful people."

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