All the "info" on our Maternity & Newborn Lifestyle Session!


So what is a Maternity Lifestyle Session?

It's a seriously fun session for you and your entire family... REALLY! I'll do everything possible to help you relax in your home and have a good time -that way I can catch you in the act of laughing and enjoying your family dynamic as it unfolds... reading a book, snack time around the kitchen table, bathing the dog, preparing a meal, craft time on the floor, snuggling before naptime, jumping on the bed! Its all good!

Where does your session take place?

"Home is where your heart is"... or so the saying goes, this is where your most authentic adventures take place. All the best smiles and comfortable interactions happen at home. But of course we can venture into your backyard, or stroll the neighborhood to ride bikes or scooters for their natural effect.

 Do you include digital files?

Absolutely! I make sure all my packages include digital files for my clients to save and share on flashdrive or dvd for future use. These moments in time that are captured during our session are precious and need to be preserved. Prints, accordian and traditional albums, canvas and poster wall displays are all available mediums for you final products.

What if my kids decide to "act up!!!%%%@@@!!! can relax! You see all the children photographed on this sight... it would be a grand oversight on my part to suggest to you that at every moment they were "little darlings". I'm a Mom, I know what to do, say, and not say, besides the fact that I am not in a rush during my sessions. My notion is that you want me to capture the personalities you've come to love and adore in your family and that cannot be rushed but, that's what this process delivers... images that you will cherish for years to come.

So... what if I don't love getting my picture taken?

Yep, I can relate because I don"t love getting my picture taken either. But that was also a concern for all the parents you presently see on my site and they should not have worried either. Their smiles are real because our sessions are REALLY fun! One of the best compliments I get from my clients (after they've gotten a sneak preview) is that they fell in love with our process even before they saw their final product. I can honestly say your future self will thank you!

What should I expect to spend?

It's simple, my booking fee is $300 on the weekends and $250 during the week. An online gallery for viewing and sharing, 1-2 amazingly fun hours of shooting time with your immediate family and your digital files are all included in that price, as well as, a pre-session consultation by phone if needed. About 10 days after your session at least 80 individually edited and color corrected images will be posted online from your session. Prints and albums are extra per your requested order and I would be happy to help you sort through your images to decide which presentations might work best...That's right, I know you're busy and I won't leave you to sort thru your photo gallery on your own. Prints start at $25 and wall hangings at $100 with lots of options in between.

What should I wear?

A fashionista I am not, but I generally tell new moms-to-be and parents to dress for comfort. If that means jeans and a T-shirt, that's great. If you would like to "step it up a notch" and coordinate your outfits, then go for it! But you definately won't want to were "matchy-matchy" outfits. Mix up your atire even it you all choose to wear the same color and pattern is OK. Wear what helps you tell the story of who you are as a family.

So... you're excited, right? How do you book?

Just contact me using our direct message board under the "Home" tab on this website or call direct and we'll schedule a date and time for your session that will work well. Bellies are best photographed at about 30weeks. I can also save blocks of time for newborn sessions based on your due date, either 1-2weeks after delivery or 4-6 weeks out depending on what kind of photos your looking to capture.

Can't wait to chat!!

The On-Location Portrait Sessions: 

  This session can be staged at your favorite park or beach for up to 5 people:

$300 Includes a1.5-hour photography session, Fully edited hi-resolution images on DVD/Flashdrive

Online Gallery to View and Purchase Prints

Photographers Print Release

Additional Option:

Ovation's Presentation Album* -16 page, leather bound album with picture window cover:

 Size Options:  8.5" x 11"  $175

                    12" x 15 "  $195 


The On-Location Promo Session (Single Subject) 

 This session can be staged at your home, favorite park or beach for 1(one) primary subject:

$175.00 Includes a 1(one)-hour photography session with all images delivered on a hi-resolution DVD/Flashdrive

Online Gallery to View and Purchase Prints

Photographer's Print Release

Additional Option:

  Ovation's Presentation Album* -16 page, leather bound album with picture window cover:

 Size Options:  8.5" x 11"  $175

                    12" x 15 "  $195 


*To view samples of all prints and and albums please see the Prints & Albums Gallery page under the "Home" menu tab.

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